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Hear it from Mac grads at Mac 10 Patio Party

From Sam Roberts to The Phoenix restaurant to residence life, many memories came out of life at McMaster University. The Hamilton Media Guild asked attendees of the annual Mac 10 Patio Party, Thursday, August 14, at...

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Twitter: From square one

Twitter is a social media platform that many individuals hear about, but are not exactly sure how to use, set up, or leverage for their organization. Twitter is a powerful microblogging social media platform...

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Networking in the sun: CLiC hosts its 4th annual Beach BBQ

The Art Gallery of Hamilton was bursting with the energy of young professionals who gathered to eat, drink and network.

The annual beach barbeque hosted by CLiC connected young professional groups around the city and gave them a chance to relax, enjoy and feed off each other’s creativity and fresh perspectives.