How do you plan to do media differently in 2015?

At our one-year anniversary, keynote speaker, Andrew Gerrior of Fresh FM provided some key insights on how you, as a consumer, can win at media.

On that note, we asked attendees how they “plan on doing media differently in 2015.” Below is a compilation of their answers to our question.

Photos by: Cassandra D’Ambrosio


Sadie Wolf, Communications Coordinator (Canadian Beverage Association)– I plan on proactively seeking small businesses in the community to help them find their voice through the PRLens. I also plan on promoting my brand and dedicating more time to my entrepreneurial endeavours and professional development.



Nick Fotache, Marketing strategy (RevUp Group– I’m going to hire a lot of young talented people to work for me from Hamilton. I think there is a lot of untapped talent out here. A lot of big cities are harnessing young professionals, but I don’t feel Hamilton is doing a good job of that. My company will be the one that is going to give Hamilton talent an opportunity to shine.

chad-headshotChad Fullerton, Founder of Fullerton Media, Co-founder (Hamilton Freelancers Association) – I’m going to focus a lot more on helping fellow entrepreneurs grow their freelance businesses through video, webinars and live coaching sessions. Also a lot of attention on building my email list through quality value-driven content. So, I plan on doing media differently by creating more interactive content. It’s going to be an exciting year!


Krista Schwab, Secretary (Communication Studies & Multimedia Student Society), News editor (The Silhouette) – I think that everyone, including myself, should focus on being more active on Twitter. Twitter is the perfect medium for connecting with others, and those in your field. So I feel that making connections through Twitter is a great way to do media in 2015. We should share each other’s content, and by doing this, you can get noticed, and your efforts will come a long way.

Summer Martin, Blogger (The Duchess Blog), #NotFlatt personality – Right now, I have a blog called “The Duchess Blog” and it was made for girls who want to talk about different things. I wanted to focus on different topics from feminist issues to music that is not on the top 100 lists. In 2015, I want to expand my blog so that girls of all ages and backgrounds can write into it. This will make it a collaborative blog, and help aspiring Hamiltonian writers. I also think it is a good way to get young females blogging to build their portfolios.

Erica MacKayPrincipal at NICHE for design inc– I’m going to ramp up how effectively I’m using media for my business. I’m on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, but I’m going to be a little more targeted about what I’m posting. I plan to be more consistent with my messaging on all of these platforms as well.


Navneet Randhawa

Navneet Randhawa is a communications professional with an Honour’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Sociology and a post-graduate diploma in Marketing from McMaster University. Navneet has had previous experience with CBC Toronto and the Social Planning Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC). She is currently undertaking roles in freelance social media, writing for Acer eSport and Hamilton Media Guild, and acts as a communications coordinator for Derek Doyle of Ambitious Realty Advisors. When she is not watercolouring or capturing moments in photographs, Navneet can be found volunteering within the community. Want to know more? Visit Navneet at:

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