I Heart Hamilton turns up the music

Kristin Archer’s blog has taken a few twists and turns in the three years since it launched.

It began as a summer project in 2011, exploring Hamilton and sharing discoveries about entertainment and lifestyle.

“There is so much to do (in Hamilton) and the list is still growing,” says Archer, who was born and raised in Hamilton.

ihearthamiltonBut now, I Heart Hamilton is taking a turn towards local musical talent with a strong emphasis on the city’s music.

“The whole blog evolved organically but I am flexible and always taking it in new directions and see where it goes.”

The blog has not lost its roots though and continues to showcase local restaurants, shops and events.

The blog’s tagline is “Be a tourist in your own city” and Archer says it is well worth the effort.

“We tend to look elsewhere for something to do or see, but there is so much to discover here. Go somewhere in this city that you have never been before.”


Archer says I Heart Hamilton allows her to see the pride of her hometown (Photo supplied by: Kristin Archer).

Archer loves being part of the Hamilton blog community.

“There are so many different bloggers that report on so many things; this city has a great community of online support.”

The Hamilton blog community highlights topics or ideas that the bigger news outlets can’t get around to, she says.

“Blogs can go after smaller things and showcase more. Also, bloggers are approachable people that this city is familiar with. People can talk to bloggers quickly, they are readily available.”

Late last year Archer pitched I Heart Hamilton to CFMU Radio and she now has a spot on radio on Fridays from 2-3 p.m. The show features one or two local artists, shop owners, or Hamilton musicians.

Her show provides the Hamilton music community with an opportunity to be showcased on radio.

She says the show’s success has allowed her to reach a new audience and given Hamilton musicians a chance to shine. Now she is booking shows and working with venues and venue owners to promote music in Hamilton.

“There is a pride in this city that I didn’t even really know was there. The blog has allowed me to see this pride.”

To celebrate the blog’s third anniversary Archer is holding her third annual fundraiser on June 7 at This Ain’t Hollywood. The proceeds will go to Food4Kids, the charity organization Archer has worked with since the blog’s second fundraiser.


Archer putting up posters of her latest fundraiser (Photo by: Cassandra D’Ambrosio/Hamilton Media Guild)

The event will feature five local bands: Allosaurus, Haolin Munk, The Tallest Tree, Hands & Teeth, and The Medicine Hat.

Archer says bands are happy to donate to the cause and the event gives Hamilton a chance to listen to great local music and recognize local talent.

“This is my opportunity to give back to the community, for the blog anniversary this is a good time to do this.”

I Heart Hamilton's Playlist 3.0 showcase local music while lending support to local charity Food4Kids (Photo supplied by Kristin Archer)

I Heart Hamilton’s Playlist 3.0 showcase local music while lending support to local charity Food4Kids (Photo supplied by Kristin Archer)

Doors 8 P.M. | Tickets: $10 Advance / $12 at the door | Tickets available at: This Ain’t Hollywood (345 James Street North), Dr. Disc (20 Wilson Street), Cheapies (67 King Street East).
More information on Facebook.

*Featured image supplied by Kristin Archer

Cassandra D'Ambrosio

Cassandra is a third-year undergraduate student currently enrolled in the Communication Studies and Multimedia (CSMM) program at McMaster University.

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