Want to win in media? Just do it yourself.

What’s the secret to winning in the tough and competitive media world?

You are.

Or so says Hamilton’s Andrew Gerrior, host of a Fresh FM radio show and founder of #NotFlatt, a micro-public relations and promotion company.

Gerrior was key-note speaker at the Hamilton Media Guild’s one year anniversary celebration.
The event provided a networking opportunity for people interested in media and Gerrior discussed the question: How will you win at media in 2015?

“The key to winning at media in today’s industry is Do-It-Yourself media, do your own thing and allow that to become your passion-project and part-time job,” Gerrior told a diverse group of about 60 people at The Gasworks on Dec. 11.

“Have something on the side that you spend 15 hours a week on and treat it like a job. It could be a podcast, a v-log or a start-up business, just make it something you’re passionate about.”

Gerrior said one of the definitive challenges that all up-and-comers struggle with is the increasing competition in the marketplace matched by the decreasing availability of jobs in the industry.

“You’re all looking for jobs, you’re all actively pursuing your careers and this is becoming a more difficult process… When you’re applying for a media position you’re not only applying against fellow graduates, you’re applying against professionals in the industry who have portfolios and extensive experience. Do-It-Yourself media is an avenue through which you can find new ways to innovate and set yourself apart from these people while you’re maintaining that dream you’ve always had and pursuing that traditional media job.”

Do-It-Yourself allows you to find a gap within the industry that allows you the opportunity to carve out a place for your particular personal passion project while simultaneously acting as a means to keep you motivated, fresh and in touch with the industry and your personal goals.

Gerrior explained that in today’s media marketplace, where almost everyone has the means to be a media creator, Do-It-Yourself media is a process as simple as updating a status.

“The amount of time and energy it takes to get a more traditional job today in 2015 is on par with the amount it takes to start your own business,” Gerrior explained.

“Things like the internet and social media are tools that you can learn on your own and learn to monetize from.”

Gerrior ended by saying “being a business professional is not all black and white, there is a lot of grey area,” a realization that is important for any aspiring media mind to come to. He encourages young professionals to take advantage of the endless possibilities open to them within this grey area, and to have the courage and drive to harness them into their own Do-It-Yourself media projects.

The event was hosted at The Gasworks, the space and refreshments were donated to the HMG by its in-kind donors and supporters.

The Hamilton Media Guild is one of the 22 young professional groups in Hamilton that belong to HIVE. It has been “merging media minds” through a network young professionals and media experts across Hamilton for the past year.

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Brittany Spencer

Brittany Spencer is a freelance journalist and grant writer who lives, works and creates in Hamilton and Toronto. A graduate of Political Science and English Language from Queen's University, Brittany is now working within the not-for-profit industry acting as Creative Director for The Gasworks assisting Hamilton charities in the execution and coordination of their activities and goals

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